NPE guest at “Poleposition” on Business24 TV

Tonight on Sky Channel 511 at 20:15 NPE will be guest at “Poleposition” on Business24 TV,  where NPE’s Managing Director Roberto Mariano was interviewed and presented the company, telling about its evolution from 1968 to today, focusing on the investments made, the future goals and on NPE philosophy

Here below an abstract of the interview content and the link to interview itself

Procond Elettronica Srl was founded in 1968 (even if the company was already existing before this date) as a manufacturer of electric capacitors. In the 1980s it was acquired by the Zanussi Group (household appliances) becoming an of excellence for the White Goods market.
In the 2000s NPE was acquired by General Electrics, allowing NPE to further increase its expertise in the #electronics market.
Today the company is owned by the Chinese H&T Group with Headquarters in Shenzhen counting a total of 5.000 employees worldwide, and the De’ Longhi group with headquarters in Italy.

NPE offers advanced services for the design and production of electronic boards for diverse applications.Wwe could say that our boards are the soul and thinking brain of many devices we all use daily in our lives. NPE customers turn to NPE in order to find a partner for supporting them into bringing innovative and highly technological content into their applications. Currently NPE refers mainly to the global market referring to the major global players in the reference markets, while the volume of sales in the domestic market amounts to 25% of its total sales revenues.
Our products apply to Household appliances, Coffee & Vending machines, Smart Home, Smart Energy and Electric Mobility.

Thanks to the excellence of all our collaborators matured over years of experience, it was possible for NPE to become a competence center locally while acting competitively in the global arena. NPE means flexibility, quality and service while reducing the complexity of having to turn to different stakeholders in the acquisition process and project development process.
Customers share their needs and their project ideas, we take care of the development to transform ideas into reality.

When the pandemic hit the world NPE was already prepared as we already implemented in previous years the smart working approach, allowing us to make it through it with relative serenity.
Over the past few years the company has massively invested in 3 main assets:

  • People – whom we call #NPEople, empowering collaborators through competence acquisition and training
  • Technology
  • Digital transformation

In 5 years, the company has doubled its turnover thanks to the skills and determination of our staff and thanks to a series of investments that are still underway to improve the production offer.The company philosophy can be summarized as the desire to improve everyday life through our devices.

Future projects include the implementation and development of East Europe and West Europe markets, the continuous hardware and software development placing NPE at a premium level for ODM projects.

To be in “Pole Position” it is necessary to be present on the market in an active, proactive and reactive way
All of this is us, all of this is NPE.