NPE is not simply a hardware manufacturer. At NPE manufacturing is an attitude, the application of technology, human creativity and intelligence to the process of product development, integrating the various elements of aesthetics, function and reliability into a single complex whole.

In-house excellence in testing equipment, together with long and tangible experience in user interface development and software design, mean that NPE can provide full-service development throughout the lifetime of customer applications.

By utilizing engineering tools such as Altium Designer 17 and Siemens NX Software, R&D, automation and manufacturing are integrated to achieve the goal of bringing a high-quality state-of-the-art product to the market in the shortest possible time.

Services available at NPE:
• NPE Labs®
• Hardware & Software Development
• Class-B Safety Software & Energy Efficiency Algorithms
• Aesthetic and Functional Mechanics
• Design For Manufacturing and Testing
• Quality by Design
• EMC/EMI Solutions
• Direct Support for Agency Approval (UL, VDE, IMQ, CCC)