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NPE provides advanced Electronic Design and Manufacturing Services and is the ideal full-service development partner for companies that want to turn ideas into tech products.

Share capital 55% held by H&T Intelligent Control Ltd and 45% by De’Longhi Appliances S.r.l.
30.000 m2 total area in Longarone
Current installed production: 10m pcs/year
>250 Headcount
Steady growth in annual turnover
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NPE for TEDx Belluno 2023: Perspectives

The Giro d’Italia 2023 is in Longarone!

Thank you to all our Interns!


NPE guest at “Poleposition” on Business24 TV

TEDx Belluno 2023 is coming-up and NPE is supporting it as a partner!

The Giro d’Italia 2023 is in Longarone! The Giro this year is in Longarone with stages 18 and 19 and heading to the #DolomitesUnesco heritage!

Today November 10th, we celebrate Interns’ Day. The objective of this day institution is to raise awareness about the necessity and importance of increasing accessibility to work while improving work conditions of internships.  We at NPE believe that the contribution of the youngest passionate students is really meaningful and of inspiration for all workers of […]

6 years since NewProcondElettronica was founded.
6 years of changes,  intensity, hard work and yes, at times, tough moments.

Tonight on Sky Channel 511 at 20:15 NPE will be guest at “Poleposition”

* Services

Supply chain services

Manufacturing services

Design services

NPE is convinced that an integrated logistic strategy is the key factor in successful customer relations.

NPE offers its customers added-value services in manufacturing and testing electronic controls.

NPE is not simply a hardware manufacturer. At NPE manufacturing is an attitude, the application of technology, human creativity and intelligence to the process of product development, integrating the various elements of aesthetics, function and reliability into a single complex whole.

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We've developed best-in-class lean manufacturing pratices to support a culture of quality and reliability