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What we do

NPE develops and manufactures electronic controls for professional appliances, coffee & vending machines, smart energy, building technologies and industrial markets,providing customers with solutions that make for better products, improving performance and connectivity.
NPE’s technology can be found in daily use in many products of our market-leader customers.

Who we are

None of this would be possible without our precious human capital.
We set great store by the professionalism of our human resources since it has enabled us to design and manufacture products that make life better and simpler for people, and will continue to do so in the future.

Over the years NPE has built up a network of qualified and skilled employees in every department – from design to manufacture – encouraging personal and professional growth within a framework of long-term learning projects.

Besides technological upscaling, the keys to the future of NPE are team work and cooperation among all stakeholders.

Why Work with us

Every resource counts!

NPEople are women and men who are open to change and welcome every new challenge. They are alive to market needs and work together with constancy and determination, each contributing their particular traits and aptitudes.

The work environment is dynamic, lively and professionalizing: NPE is committed to developing thorough expertise.

Graduates with us 

Are you Electronic Engineer grad student and want to do your thesis degree in our company?

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NPEople, innovation for a bright future



The resource, reporting to the Process Manager Coordinator, will have the task of developing new production processes, participating for the process part in the introduction of new products, optimizing existing processes according to predefined safety standards, efficiency, quality and cost.

Within the budget objectives:

  • Engineering new products, modifying processes already in production; also proposes product improvement changes to R&D
  • Monitors the performance of products on the lines in terms of compliance, performance type FPY, OEE etc
  • Defines and implements programs to improve productivity, reduce costs, reduce defects, improve ergonomics and safety
  • Research, proposes and follows in the experimental phase any new technology projects
  • Proposes and guarantees the execution of new investments and prepares the relative budget of expense.

As part of the development of new products:

  • Draws up the standard cost estimate and analyses the order results in collaboration with the mgr Program.
  • Draws up technical documentation for process start-up and management in particular in the phase of prototyping and sampling, supervises, and occasionally physically participates in their realization
  • Detects and processes the standard times and ensures the correctness within the data base of the management system
  • Defines the technical specifications and standards of use of equipment
  • Collaborates in the implementation of the IT part of the production processes, in particular for the MES
  • Collaborates with maintenance for the drafting of preventive maintenance plans.

Technical Skills required:

  • Lean manufacturing
  • automated production systems
  • main processes of electronic technology
  • basis of timing and methods
  • Proficiency
  • MES
  • Microsoft Office 
  • SAP

Management skills required:

  • Propensity to project mgmt
  • High capacity for analysis
  • Planning ability

If you want to submit your spontaneous application send an email to: attaching the curriculum and indicating the desired position.


The role involves the design and hardware development of electronic circuits and the industrialisation of the product, as well as the management of the laboratory validation of the product itself before mass production begins.  

He/she draws up the necessary technical procedure and interfaces with the SW/FW designers for the definition and fine-tuning of the various projects.

The candidate also frequently consults with the Operations for the production start-up of new products, in particular with the aim of maximizing efficiency from the initial early stages.

It is therefore important to know:

  • The unravelling of electronics circuits on single-sided, double-faced and multilayer printed circuit boards;
  • The phases of printed circuit board manufacturing, electronic board assembling, reflow, wave and selective soldering;
  • SW Suite: Office and CAD Altium Designer;
  • IPC A-610 electronic assembly evaluation standards;
  • Testing and qualification methodologies (environmental, EMC) for electronic boards;
  • Certification processes for electronic boards with regulatory bodies. 

The candidate must also be able to work independently and liaise with the various transversal Project Development teams, respecting the deadlines set by the PM and promptly and appropriately correcting any anomalies in the development phases.

It is fundamental that the candidate has a great knowledge of the English language.

If you want to submit your spontaneous application send an email to: attaching the curriculum and indicating the desired position.


The role, reporting to the R&D Director, is in charge of the execution of product development, from the acquisition of the concept and specifications from the customer, to the design, approval and sampling phase and the drafting of product documentation.

His/her main activities are:

  • Dealing with the study and the Hardware/Firmware design of electric boards for various applications (automotive, domestic appliances…);
  • Carrying out new projects and improving the existing ones in terms of quality defined by Quality Manual procedures;
  • On the basis of indications, diagrams and technical data, developing designs by setting proportions, dimensions, main components and optimal solutions;
  • Studying solutions that can be consistent with the chosen product architectural solution, in order to optimize design times and costs; 
  • Maintaining the correct relationships between improvements and upgrades introduced on the product, specifications required by Quality and standard product and process costs;
  • Interfacing with suppliers in relation to the collaboration model determined by the technical director: from the simple transmission of components drawings, to codesign;
  • Interfacing with the customer in the development and improvement of the product;
  • Preparing the project documentation;
  • Collaborating with the prototype engineers to assess certain critical variables impacting on the overall project;
  • Constantly reporting on the progress of the work to the Program Managers and the manager.

The ideal candidate has a Degree in Electronic Engineering and/or an equivalent qualification. 

The role should have the following competences:

  • Proven experience of 3-5 years in Firmware development 8-32 bit microcontrollers with C/C++ language;
  • Knowledge of the English language;
  • Knowledge of the ARM/Cortex microcontroller platform is considered preferable.

Other required competences are:

  • Basic knowledge in the development of SMPS power supplies and DC/DC converters;
  • Knowledge of the development of “touch” type user interfaces;
  • Knowledge of the development of colour interfaces (TFT) with touch screen is preferential;
  • Knowledge of the Linux and/or Android operative system;
  • Development of Brushless DC and AC motor controls;
  • Knowledge of E-CAD (Altium is preferential).

Use of SAP, Autocad, Altium, team working, precision, ability to develop projects, problem solving, planning, organisation, analytical skills, economic sensitivity, overview, decision making, verbal communication, interpersonal skills, flexibility/adaptability, autonomy, stress tolerance, reliability, knowledge of English.

If you want to submit your spontaneous application send an email to: attaching the curriculum and indicating the desired position.


This role, reporting directly to the CEO, is in charge of ensuring proper alignment between business expectations and the technical implementation requirements. He/she also has to plan, execute and finalize the project management work in compliance with the agreed deadlines.

His/her main activities are the following:

  • Checking the progress of the entire product realisation project;
  • Defining every single target of the project;
  • Collaborating with the Managers of the project areas in the preparation and presentation of the Work Progress Status (SAL);
  • Chairing meetings with project stream managers and recommending actions to be taken;
  • Reporting the absence of project documents archived in order to inform the other departments involved in the production of the products;
  • Preparing meetings and presentation to communicate the Results to the Steering Committee;
  • Planning and doing the temporal estimation of the design phases. The R&D Director, after planning the project phases, communicates to the PM the timing of the project phase to be included in the overall Gantt;
  • Meeting customers, together with the Sales and Key Account manager;
  • Ensuring that the entire project is delivered on time and within the established costs;
  • Maintaining relations within the company, acting as a mediator between the R&D Office, Purchasing, Planning, Production and Quality Dep;
  • Supporting the Purchasing Department for the procurement of the most relevant material order.

The role’s main responsibilities are the following:

  • He/she is responsible for the overall planning of the projects;
  • Ensuring that the projects are processed correctly, according to the contractual conditions defined with the customer;
  • Defining the development plan for orders;
  • Maintaining relationships with the customers and with suppliers involved in the project;
  • Managing any problems that may arise during the projects’ development;
  • Drafting job closure reports, in order to capitalise and disseminate results, hypothesizing solutions to increase effectiveness and efficiency in subsequent experiences.

The ideal candidate has a Degree in Electronic/Management Engineering and/or a similar background.

The requested competences are: use of SAP and Office Suite, budget management skills, knowledge of the English language, automated production systems, product and process knowledge, planning organisation, research of information, overview, problem solving, autonomy, stress tolerance, verbal communication, listening, economic sensitivity, divergent thinking, negotiation, persuasion, decision making, team working.

If you want to submit your spontaneous application send an email to: attaching the curriculum and indicating the desired position.


This role, reporting directly to the CFO. He/she is managing the accounts, relationships with the group companies and intercompany fulfillments, budgeting forecasting, profit & loss, reporting and tax planning of the Company in complete autonomy.

It should ensure the compliance of accounts and provide appropriate and efficient financial reports, implementing the most appropriate solutions to minimise tax risks.

Job responsibilities:

  1. Oversee all accounting entry; 15%
  2. Carry out all declarations related to tax in time as requested from authorities, including vat, income tax, annual tax return, TP documentation, and so on.; 25%
  3. Handle monthly closure and finance statement(single and consolidated) and auditing issues; 25%
  4. Establish and develop accounting system, including financial procedure management, expense controlling and management, booking management according to local laws, accounting standards, company and HQ’s policies, and so on; 10%
  5. Assist CFO for operation analysis and management; 10%
  6. SAP accounts/report integration and management. 5%
  7. Develop and maintain capital expenditure budget monthly and payment authorization; 5%
  8. Filing and other financial issues. 5%


Education: Bachelor or above;

Experience: over 5 years in accounting, over 2 years in the same position.

Language: Italiano/English

Other: SAP, Office, good knowledge in Tax.

If you want to submit your spontaneous application send an email to: attaching the curriculum and indicating the desired position.


The candidate/a, direct carry-over of the CFO, will have to ensure the correct execution of the analytical accounts, ensure the correct allocation of costs, providing complete and reliable monthly and quarterly reports.

Job responsibilities:

  1. Create reliable cost distribution model and cycle based on nature of production, cost elements, management level, etc. -20%
  2. Execute cost distribution correctly for finish goods and semi-finish goods monthly; -20%
  3. Prepare cost statement and analysis report monthly, find out the differences between actual cost and standard cost, and price difference, then promote relevant departments to formulate cost improvement; 40%
  4. Work for RFQ, provide basic cost data; 10%
  5. Regularly organize and participate in the inventory of finished products/semi-finished products/raw materials, issue inventory reports and conduct discrepancies; 10%


Education: Bachelor or above;

Experience: over 5 years in costing

Language: Italiano/English

Others: SAP (required not plus)

If you want to submit your spontaneous application send an email to: attaching the curriculum and indicating the desired position.