NPE for TEDx Belluno 2023: Perspectives

TEDx Belluno 2023 is coming-up and NPE is supporting it as a partner!

The Giro d’Italia 2023 is in Longarone!

The Giro d’Italia 2023 is in Longarone! The Giro this year is in Longarone with stages 18 and 19 and heading to the #DolomitesUnesco heritage!

Thank you to all our Interns!

Today November 10th, we celebrate Interns’ Day. The objective of this day institution is to raise awareness about the necessity and importance of increasing accessibility to work while improving work conditions of internships.  We at NPE believe that the contribution of the youngest passionate students is really meaningful and of inspiration for all workers of […]


6 years since NewProcondElettronica was founded.
6 years of changes,  intensity, hard work and yes, at times, tough moments.

NPE guest at “Poleposition” on Business24 TV

Tonight on Sky Channel 511 at 20:15 NPE will be guest at “Poleposition”

Industrial Partnership with H&T Intelligent Control Co. Ltd

On December 18th 2018, the industrial partnership agreement with H&T Intelligent Control International Co. Ltd, a Company belonging to the Chinese industrial Group H&T which operates in the electronic business with headquarter in Shenzen (China), has been finalized.


In September 2018 NPE has updated its Production Line AT2 implementing the FUJI AIMEX III Flexible Placement Platform. The AIMEX III is designed for component flexibility, PCB flexibility and production flexibility. Utilizing the latest advances in vision systems, linear drive technology and the new H24G placement head, the AIMEXIII can place small components with an […]

New SAKI Vision Technologies

In July 2018 NPE has updated its SMT production lines with 2 SAKI BF-3Si In-line 3D Solder Paste Inspection Systems. Since its inception in 1994, Saki has led the way in the development of automated recognition through robotic vision technology. Solder paste inspection combines full-color 2D and 3D images and is based on 3D data. […]